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PMCI’s web team knows that good web design is more than pretty pictures and flashy colors, while your site has to be innovative it must maintain ease of use, search engine prominence. We provide a turnkey solution of web design, website programming, copy-writing, graphic art,  internet marketing and website hosting.

Moreover, when PMCI builds your site the first year of hosting on any tier is completely free!


An effective website must be developed for multiple platforms, with the prominence of mobile devices your site is as likely to be viewed on a mobile telephone as it is on an iPad or desktop computer.

Modern websites need to be accessible and readable on all devices. PMCI makes fully responsive sites so that your designs look great no matter what device they are viewed on.

We do the heavy lifting so your customers don’t have to.


Websites should be broken up into logical sections so that the view feels natural affinity to the navigation, viewers must able to find any information on your site in two mouse clicks or less and the entire site must be structured with relevant information grouped.


We not only create web presences but we also maintain them for you making those change that are beyond your internal capability.

Self Help

Our sites are built with a component of self help where you an make small changes to the site yourself if you wish.  We train you how to keep your site current, alternately we can do it for you if you desire.

Target Audience

We will get to know your business intimately so that we can make sure you reach your target audience, if your designer hasn’t taken the time to know your business how can they represent you?


PMCI ensures that you own your own domain name and also have copyright to the entire website.  Many person’s find out that this isn’t the case with their site when they try to switch designers.

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