PMCI installs complete security solutions so you don’t have to experience the devastation of returning to your home or place of business to see that your personal/professional space has been invaded and all your papers and personal items are on the floor. In today’s economic circumstance the unprotected space is increasingly violated.

At PMCI our techs have been providing residential and office security solutions for over a decade. We install systems that reduce potential and personal crime, detect smoke/fire and enhance your personal safety, allow you to receive a discount on your home/office insurance.

Rapid Response

You can opt to have your home monitored 24 hours per day, you can have our rapid response team deployed and also notify law enforcement. If you desire a more advanced system please see our home/office automation page.

Secure Your Property Today!

Our Security Specialist are happy to visit your location, discuss your requirements and provide a quotation for a new system or to retrofit your existing system.

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