Structured Cabling

PMCI offers complete cabling systems including structured cabling to bring services into your premises from the demarcation point. We offer cabling in Cat-5E, Cat-6 and fibre optic cabling systems. We can add points to your existing network or completely design and implement a system at building design stage.

PMCI’s experts have been cabling systems in North America and the Caribbean for over 20 years and have extensive IP network knowledge which will be placed at your disposal.

Why Structured Cabling?

The world has changed and current times demand that you have the necessary network infrastructure for both voice and data.  Today’s communication is faster and more taxing on network infrastructure.  Current and future technologies demand that your network has sufficient capacity and capability to support not only data but voice service also.

Data Services

Connectivity and data are the life blood of any organization.  Cabling systems must be robust enough to meet organizational data needs without reservation.


In today’s modern offices telephone service is no longer run on the copper pair, this now becomes a network service, the network must by private and also have the protocols in place for uninterrupted voice service.


A cabling system which is the backbone for your network traditionally outlives all other network components while representing 5% of total cost.


Improper cabling systems account for 1/5th of all network outages, is your network up to scratch?

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