Advanced Telephone Systems (IP PBX)

PMCI supplies and installs software based PBXs that replace those expensive closed systems that were once the only choice on the market. Cost benefit analysis reveals that the cost of owning the right PBX system can reduce your overall cost. Through the use of an efficient auto attendant (IVR) and having voice mail to take messages you don’t have dedicated employee to handle your telephone system. Software based PBXs perform all phone answering and transfer functions employees do not have to be distracted to perform this function.

Software based PBXs allow for much more flexibility and can be incorporated into your existing infrastructure. In addition to low cost of entry software based PBXs allow for easy scaling to fit your organization and advance features without the need to purchase modular upgrades for a proprietary system.

Software based PBXs work with either standard telephone lines (PSTN) or SIP providers anywhere in the world. Using our systems you can connect to your office from your home or your cellphone when on the road. You can also have a local presence anywhere in the world and reduce your communications cost dramatically. Imagine being able to use your office phone system to make calls check messages and perform any number of functions including conference calls from not only your desk but from almost any remote location.

We provide a complete turnkey solutions including setting up your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with one of our talented voice artist and providing training in system operation. Our systems are as easy as ABC and will work with either a small office of 5 persons and under to a large office of 1000 people or more at multiple locations either in the Caribbean or anywhere in the world.


An IP PBX phone system resides on your network using your existing LAN. In addition using existing infrastructure, utilising lower cost VoIP routing and purchasing your own IP PBX reduce costs over time.

Unified Messaging

IP PBX’s provide the ability to receive your messages on one or all of your devices, whether it is your mobile phone, your computer, or your traditional desk handset. IP PBXs also integrate with CRM packages to increase business performance.

Remote Office

Remote offices or even home offices can be connected across the internet to your IP PBX whether local, regional or international.

Cost Savings

Using SIP trunks with an IP PBX you can establish local numbers in countries you serve around the world for incoming and outgoing calls and reduce communications cost.

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