Networking is one of the critical elements of any organization today, whether it is intraoffice, interoffice or international. In modern times networks support all manner of information communications systems. Information and communication are the pillars of business. By the same token, unsecured networks can be the Achilles heel of any origination. PMCI has been designing and implementing networks of all sizes and scopes from the mid 90’s. We’ll show you how you will benefit from a robust secure networking system improve your access to business critical information and improve your efficiency. Whether you have basic networking needs or require an OpenFlow Software Defined Network PMCI is your source of stable networks with superior ROI.


PMCI begins network design by accessing the need for capacity.  While gigabit speeds are available today most enterprises today use less than 40% of network capacity at peak periods.  We design for efficiency, affordability, redundancy and to meet current/future capacity needs.  Rather than spending to have a network that you never exceed 2-4% capacity we advocate utilization of the technologies that will make your technology investment yield benefit for years to come.

PMCI’s network design is compatible with all the following protocols and services:


  • Internet Protocol
  • OpenFlow Software Defined Networks
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Cloud Services
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Branch offices

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