IP Telephony

IP telephony is a technology that allows you to transfer voice over the IP protocol, resulting in significant cost reduction in both branch office and long distance calls and even remote presences in other countries. IP telephony permits multi location corporate entities to call remote office even in different locations/countries at zero cost.

Low-cost maintenance, the users themselves can configure their terminal according to the company needs.


Greater functionality available than with traditional telephony.

Mobility, any user can check their voice mail from the web or their own mail, a virtual office the can always rely on.

Transfer, if a user is out of the office, the center can transfer the call directly to their cell phone, therefore avoiding time loss and improving efficiency.

Cost Reduction

IP Telephone allows for you to have a seamless telephone system regardless of the location of system users.

Real Time Reporting

IP Telephony allows for real time system reports and cost management. You are immediately notified if a trigger you have set has been toggled.

IVR - Voice Attendant

IVR automatically answers your phone and directs the call to the right place, allowing for employees to engage in more productive activities.

Cross Platform

IP telephony service can be accessed from all kinds of devices, Tablets, laptops, phones, cell phones or most other devices that support the IP protocol

How Can IP Telephony Benefit Your Business?

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