Building Automation

In today’s world we are so accustomed to technology that we want our spaces to be as up-to-date as everything else we encounter. PMCI can turn your office or home into a smartbuilding with a variety of automation systems. You can either go for basic lighting control and security, or you can go for a complete gamut of security, surveillance, access control, energy management, lighting and entertainment.

Efficiency & Energy Saving

Office/Home automation products greatly increase the usability of your space, once considered a fad they are now tantamount to keeping you safe and connected to the world, keeping you connected to your home when away via your smartphone or tablet, providing entertainment when at home and reducing your energy consumption. Our automation systems are either designed into the building and installed during the construction phase or an existing structure can be retrofitted for automation.

Imagine the comfort you would feel being able to check on your home whether away for the day or away for 2 weeks. Nothing beats knowing your home is safe and secure

Perimeter Control

Building automation allow you to control the appearance of your structure based on preset or reactive triggers or remote control.  You can automate doors, curtains, variable tint glass and many other features.


Y0u can remotely monitor, activate or deactivate an entrance portal to your premises in addition to being able to view your premises live on a remote device.


Your premises can be wired to deliver entertainment at any point including gardens and exterior locations.  Audio and Visual entertainment can be delivered by wired or wireless network to any large or small screen device.


A much overlooked feature of building automation is environmental control.  Building automation ensures your comfort but it helps to control your energy expenditure. by deactivating unnecessary resources.

Automate Your Building Today

Automate your home or office today for additional safety and security.  Our Building Automation Specialist would be happy to provide a a quotation.

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